After only 8 days Axel (now Bert) is doing just fine. He is beginning to understand what acceptable toilet behaviour is and is mainly house trained. I just need him to learn to tell me when he needs to go out. He has been dry overnight for the last 4 mornings, hooray, (it has been hard work). I am finding out the hard way what his tummy needs as he is so greedy he doesn’t know. The gluten free biscuit suits him, bones don’t and over feeding him is a no no. It’s proving hard to get him to put on any weight and he lost a little in the early days however he has plenty of energy and is very happy and fit. I will get him back to the vets for follow up injections when his weight is up a little more. He has a fleece lined coat which I feel is probably essential but it is drying out after he walked into my wildlife pond on my allotment so walks are shorter today. Best regards to the team, and thanks.

And later, after a few problems reared their heads….

Axel now Bert

Dear gang, Bert is doing fine, the aggression he showed to people coming to the door and his problem attitude with my husband is diminishing by the hour; I changed Bert’s routine, my husband feeds him and there is a packet of treats by the back door so that every guest can give a treat; Problem solved. Enclosed is a photo of Bert by the fire alongside Sweetie the cat,
Regards to all from me and Bert, (or Axel), xxx