Minty MyrtleJust thought I would send you a few snap shots of Minty, now know as Myrtle (Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter)

She is absolutely adorable and has doubled in weight since coming to live with me although she is still physically small.  It took about a week for her poo to change from Angel Delight to a proper solid one, and has been fine since (only two accidents outside of the litter tray so very happy ).

Elpheba (who is approx 20 months old) was very cautious at first, but now the two of them chase after each other – one minute Elphi is chasing Myrtle, the next Myrtle is chasing Elphi (hence I have not been able to get a photo of them together).  Elphi has already taught Myrtle to unravel an entire toilet roll, in silence. ;(Minty now Myrtle

G’kar (16 year old with only 3 legs) on the other hand is her favourite biggest brother in the world!! She adores him and he is the same with her.  I have been amazed!!  He lets Myrtle play with his tail for hours and teaches her how to wrestle.  They often cuddle up together and G’kar washes her head (it’s soooooooooo cute).  It is as if Myrtle has ‘woken him up’.

Feeding time is a challenge as she wants to eat what the other two have, and they want to eat what she has – it has become quite a farcical situation.  She loves all of her toys but her favourite is if she finds a paper receipt – yes, a free, paper receipt, not an expensive plush toy!!!

Thank you for taking her in and for allowing me to bring her home.